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About us

We are delighted to welcome you to Nepal Hacks @ SecurityPal! This event is dedicated to fostering innovation, collaboration, and creativity.


To ensure that all participants who wants to learn more about us, we dedicated this page to you.

Who we are

Nepal Hacks @ SecurityPal is a collaborative initiative powered by two innovative entities: SecurityPal and SkillLab.


SecurityPal is at the forefront of cybersecurity, offering robust solutions to protect digital assets across the globe.


SkillLab complements this mission by nurturing talents and skills through comprehensive learning platforms.


Together, we stand as pillars of technological advancement and education, committed to empowering the next generation of tech professionals.

Nepal Hacks @ SecurityPal is not just a hackathon; it's a crucible for innovation. This event is designed to challenge participants to address real-world cybersecurity problems through technology and design. We're inviting thinkers, creators, and innovators to develop tools that enhance digital trust and transparency, using their coding prowess and creative problem-solving skills to forge new pathways in tech.

The exact challenge topic will be announced to selected participants prior to the hackathon.

What we're going to do

Where will it be hosted ?

The hackathon will be held at the home of SecurityPal in Nepal, the SecurityPal Nepal SOCC (Security Operations Command Center) in Baluwatar.


This state-of-the-art facility will serve as the launchpad for ideas that could shape the future of cybersecurity both locally and globally.

Location: SecurityPal Nepal office

Mark your calendars for March 22, 2024. This is when we kick off an event that promises to be a landmark in Nepal's tech scene.


It's a chance to code, collaborate, and compete among the best and brightest.

When will the Hackathon happen

Why we are doing this ?

We believe in the yet to be fully tapped potential of Nepal's talent. Nepal Hacks @ SecurityPal is more than just a competition; it's a gateway for local talents to step into the spotlight and be noticed by one of Nepal’s largest tech companies.


It's an opportunity to learn, innovate, and begin a journey that could transform careers and the very fabric of our digital future.


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