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March 22, 2024


Event starts:

*Application closed on March 4, 2024


Hackathon Announcement

Nepal Hacks @ SecurityPal will be officially announced

and begin accepting applications.

February 12, 2024


February 13, 2024


Registration Opens

Interested Participants can now register through the website.

Registration closes

Deadline for the registration.

Ensure your spot by signing up before this date.

March 4, 2024


March 5 - 15, 2024

Tuesday - Friday

Webinar / Participant Selection

A webinar for all participant will be held, outlining details and answering questions. Participant selection criteria will be shared.

Hackathon Day

The official start of Nepal Hacks @ SecurityPal

Get ready to innovate and create !

March 22, 2024


Let Your Skills Take You to New Heights

Nepal Hacks @ SecurityPal is a platform for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to showcase their skills, network with like-minded individuals, and create something innovative.


We at SecurityPal believe in the power of technology to change the world, and we invite you to be a part of it. Let's innovate together!

Join us for a day of creativity and problem-solving.

What is Nepal Hacks
@SecurityPal ?

Nepal Hacks @ SecurityPal is a vibrant incubator for innovation where coders, developers, designers, and visionaries converge to transform ideas into reality. 


Participants will tackle real life business problems by diving deep into problem-solving, crafting prototypes and solutions that push the boundaries of technology and design, all centered around a pivotal theme or challenge.

Networking Opportunities

Our hackathon provides you with an opportunity to network with other talented individuals, entrepreneurs, and mentors.


Expand your professional network and make lasting connections.

What to expect ?

Prepare for a high-energy journey of coding, collaboration, problem solving and creativity. Whether you are in a team or flying solo, you'll be part of a thrilling race against the clock, fuelled by mentorship and the spirit of community.   

In the end, you'll have the opportunity to present your project to a panel of judges, vying not just for prizes, but for the chance to make an impact. Beyond the accolades, it's the rich learning experience and the chance to be part of a dynamic innovation ecosystem that truly sets Nepal Hacks @ SecurityPal apart.

From a ​Participant to a Pioneer:

Meet Sanjeev Bhusal, a standout participant from our inaugural hackathon, now excelling as a Software Engineer at SecurityPal.         

Sanjeev's journey from hackathon participant to tech professional exemplifies the transformative potential of this event. 

"The hackathon was a turning point for me. It was more than just coding; it was about innovating with purpose and collaborating for change," recalls Sanjeev.

Discover Sanjeev's story and more..

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Exciting Prizes awaits !

and many more...

Rs. 50,000

First runners-up

Rs. 75,000


Rs. 25,000

Second runners-up


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